Dating Ideas for Gay Men

Gay dating ideas - make a lasting impression on him!

Dating Ideas for Gay Men

If you're having trouble deciding what to do or where to go on your dates, here are some dating tips that might be helpful.

Cell Phone Foreplay - drive to his house when you know he's home and then call him on your cell phone.  Start a casual conversation and while you're on the phone, go to his door and ring the doorbell.  When he answers the door just say, "Hi, want to go do something." 

Be a Romantic - remind him of your first date.  Where did you go? Save a souvenir such as a matchbook from the restaurant you went to and give it to him as a reminder.  Did you go to the beach?  Give him a seashell you picked up while you were there. He'll get the idea!

Make His Head Spin - grab him by the shirt, pull him close, maybe pin him against the wall, and give him a long, deep passionate kiss.  It's something he'll never forget!

Heart Pounding Dates - try to do something out of the ordinary. How about a roller coaster ride? Anything that gets the heart pounding will make passion grow if there is chemistry there already.

Surprise Phone Call - while you're out on a date, excuse yourself and then make a call to his home phone.  Leave a message that you're out on a date with the most wonderful man.  Let him know how you feel.  It will be a very pleasant surprise for him when he returns home and you'll score points!

Possible Dating Destinations (sure you can come up with more - be creative!)

  • The Zoo
  • A Fine Restaurant
  • The Beach
  • Movies
  • Picnic at the Park
  • A Trip to the Mountains
  • Sporting Events
  • Bowling
  • A Concert
  • Live Theater
  • Opera
  • Ballet
  • Jacuzzi Suite
  • Micro-Brewery
  • Carnival or Fair
  • Theme Park
  • Museum
  • Flower Garden
  • Winery
  • Billiards
  • Horeseback Riding
  • Kite Flying

You might enjoy doing something you both enjoy such as going to an art exhibit but don't rule out the idea of trying something neither of you has ever done before. Keep it interesting!


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