Romance Ideas for Gay Dating

Gay romance ideas for dating and keeping the love alive in your relationship.

Keep the Romance in Your Relationship

100 Reasons - write down every reason you can think of why you love him.  Try to come up with 100 of them!

2 Truths and a Lie - on your first date tell your partner three things and make one of them a lie. Then let him spend the evening trying to figure out which one isn't true. This is a great way to get to know each other.

A Gesture Every Day - don't let a single day go by without telling him you're thinking of him.  A short note, an e-mail or a telephone call will do.

Sweet Dreams - wish him sweet dreams just before you hang up the telephone.  It works wonders!

A Time to Hold - it's good for the heart and soul to fall asleep in someone's arms and then to wake up knowing you were held all night long by someone you love.

Touch Your Partner's Heart - caress, cuddle and massage you way into his heart.

Act like a Kid - it's fun to act like kids.  You and your mate can go play at the park or go to an indoor amusement arcade and have a blast!

A Kiss a Day - kiss your partner every night before you go to sleep, even if you've been bickering, especially if you've been bickering. 

Open Your Heart - open up and tell your partner something nobody else knows about you.  It's a sure way to let them know who special they are to you.

Pamper your Partner - each day one of you can do something to pamper the other. A bubble bath, a back rub, a hot meal... it doesn't matter what it is as long as it comes from the heart.

Praise your Mate - make sure you tell him he's the best and recognize his talents and abilities.

Pay Attention - pay attention to what he says to you. This simple little thing is so often overlooked. Let him know what he says matters to you.

Romance by Snail Mail - you remember snail mail.  Make a special card and mail it to your sweetie.  He'll love it!

We're sure you can think of other ways to keep the romance alive.  This list should help give you a few ideas.


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