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#1 Oct 02, 2018 9:01:AM


Dress up

I have this fantasy where a hung beautiful man take me into his room strips me naked, shoved me in the bathroom and hands me a bag of clothing and tells me to put it on. In that bag I find some very tight skimpy silk lingerie, black pantyhose and a short tight beautiful dress. As I come out of the bathroom wearing what he requested, he immediately grabs a hold of me, pinning my arm up against the wall and starts kissing me. (Keep in mind I’m only 4’9) when he’s done kissing me he leads me to the bedroom and gently lays me down on the bed, gently kissing my body all over, running his hand in and out of my dress. He rolls me onto my back and starts kissing up my legs, slowly inching my dress up till he can see the exposed lingerie he gave me to wear. He kisses all around my taint and I lay there quivering waiting for him to touch his lips to my hard cock when he finally pulls the lingerie to the side and lifts my legs up plunging his tongue deep inside my ass. The sudden unexpected feeling of what he’s done hit my so hard my credulity shot out like I have a mini orgasm. He continues to bury his tongue inside me deeper and deeper, tasting me deeper than anyone has ever tasted me before. He slowly lowers my leg enough to roll me onto all fours and continue to soak my with his saliva. All the while he’s doing this I don’t notice how long and hard his cock is, and that he has been lubing himself up to enter me. He slowly start to slide my dress up with one hand while sliding my black silk panties down. He starts kissing my neck and finally after what seemed like an eternity he start massaging the tip on my cock, rubbing my precum all over my shaft. As he start to gain rhythm and I start fucking my hand at my own pace I feel a large warm knot just at the opening of my already soaked asshole and without working, he slides into with the most gentle all at once thrust I have ever had. His cock must have been at least 9 inches long and maybe 3 inches in girth. He literally pushed my forward as he slid his massive member inside of me. He shock of his size literally made my arms go numb and I collapsed onto my chest as he caught my hips and help me right where he wanted me to get the deepest hardest thrusts. I could almost literally feel him Hitting my stomach. Each thrust was euphoric, he pulled all the way out till just the tip was inside me, and thrust all the way back in till his boys touched mine. He did this for what seemed like hours. Sometimes harder and faster, sometimes gently to keep from hurting me.  Just when I thought I couldn’t take another drop of him precum with it running out of me, he began thrusting harder and faster, rubbing his hands through my hair, up and down my neck pumping harder and deeper. I knew what was about to happen and I couldn’t wait for it, then finally it happened. He exploded deep inside me, deeper than anyone has ever came in me, and the warmth was almost enough to make me explode right there. His loads was so massive, my inside were not big enough to handle his load and it had no where to go but out each time he pulled back to thrust again. As he finished completely he collapsed onto of me. I could feel him running outside of me, no matter how hard I squeezed I just couldn’t hold him in. When he finally got up, I was squeezing so hard to keep it in and he smiled and told me to just relax and let it flow. The initial burst felt like a water balloon had exploded. I layer there for what seemed like 5 minutes of his massive load just running out of me. Even as I got up to try and walk it was still running.

I need this in my life.


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