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#1 Oct 01, 2023 10:38:AM


Life as a country man

Well now me and my brother bought a nice piece of land here in Texas he lives in the main house and I have renovated the workers quarters into a nice 4 bedroom house with a lot of open space kitchen and living room are open back porch two bedrooms on each end and 3 bathrooms just like the way I wanted it we worked hard on getting the pastures in shape setting up the fences building the barns and pens for our livestock but it’s something we are proud of we have a habit of going around and helping our neighbors with whatever needs to be done most are elderly and need help from time to time so being us we do help them it has brought us closer to our neighbors and they think of us as being good neighbors and don’t judge the way we live we know each one bye name we go for coffee and breakfast at the local cafe to hear what is going on and talk to our neighbors it’s a big town but out here everyone tends to their neighbors and it shows bye how we are treated here so life is good remember you get what you put into it and its karma comes back in many ways so y’all enjoy your day I know I will


#2 Oct 02, 2023 3:11:AM


Re: Life as a country man

Ditto, pretty much the same here. Been prepping for today's start on my level 2 management deer season. Have had some like-minded guy friends and lady friends help with thinning out the hogs here prior to season. Am over run with them! Game cams showing several good trohphy shooter bucks, and plenty of mature herd does to  fill the management tags. Should be a good season. And yes, I often hunt commando from the stands and the buggy, and with like-minded nudist company male and female. Life is good!


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