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Migalen Ofline
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Happy Thanksgiving

Posted: 1 year ago - Nov 24, 2022

It is awesome not to be the only one cooking for Thanksgiving, and for friends visiting on Saturday!

While I do not drink, I was taught by my Mother to always be a great host and know the needs of my guests before they arrive. Even if it got a bit spendy, then everyone will have their favorite cocktail of choice.

I know it breaks champagne code, however, I’ve got three different bottles that are chilling. One vintage Veuve Clicquot, one off the shelf Bollinger, and a bottle of Dom. Two bottles of sparkling apple cider for those underage and/or those that do not drink alcohol.

Thank goodness I have a few friends bringing over other spirits. As the only thing stronger than water I normally stock is a XXV year old Bottle of Scotch. Which was a thank you gift from a friend that visited over the summer.

Those that know me best know I prefer to keep my ramblings short and sweet.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

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