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Migalen Ofline
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Posted: 4 months ago - Oct 25, 2023

Apologies for not being around much. I’ve had to adjust to being a southpaw until my right hand fully heals from surgery. Then second Friday in November I go in for surgery on the southpaw.

Bi-annual physicals find the most bizarre things and with my insurance deductible met for the year everything is covered 100%

Its difficult keeping up in a chat, to say nothing of typing out text. The index, pointer, and ring finger on both hands were checked out after they started to trigger and lock. Easy surgery. Nerve block and cant feel a damn thing. We talked about the Surgeons fishing trip to the Katmai over the summer and he had a medical student with him so we all bantered back and forth while my right palm was cut open to allow access to all the tendons. Again. I didnt feel a thing. Tendons look like saltwater taffy according to the medical student. He had fun pulling on my middle tendon to flip off the surgeon. Everything is perfectly anatomically correct and once healed no one will ever know I had the procedure. Those two are a good pair. Even played some tunes until surgery was over and I was sutured back up.

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