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fitting in

Posted: 11 months ago - Mar 22, 2023

where do we fit in in society, some people fit in in all aspects some fit in in certain i feel like i dont fit in on any of the aspects of life, i try but ofy ever tolerated me )tentime i think i try to hard......i practice celibacy i havent been with anyone since 2013 my partner died in 2014he was the last person i slept with, i chose to no longer be a part of the world of sex mainly because i feel like it would be cheating, the dating world i compare everyone to him.... i know i need to move on but i cant seem to.....

my world revolves around my pets they are like my kids i no longer have sugar gliders as the original owner came and got them..... mozzy was being very aggressive towards me (he only ever tolerated me) so i sent him to live with a female whom he met and they hit it off, he is now with a female whom he has bonded to and is much happier.

i have added nancy a blue from amazon who just adores me she is constantly asking for attention and not yet once have i been bit.

but back to my topic at hand fitting in, often times i try to talk to people here and on other sites i dont know what to talk about so the chat usually ends as quickly as i initiated it. i refuse to talk about sex just not my thing.

i know im a good person i try to help out if i think i can, and im there for my friends. i just dont seem to fit in anywhere in this world i have tried groups of people with the same interests but i seem to get over looked or because my views are a bit different im looked at differently, so i stopped.

i only have like 2 or 3 close friends, who i limit my time with as not to be over bearing to them. my family group when i get with them im pretty much ignored communication its usually me trying to keep the contact going with texts or phone calls that last a few minutes and are ended with let me call you back and never getting the returned phone call, i let it slide off my back i know people are busy and have lives they need to get through.

people just go through with their lives not seeming to think about the other people who might need to talk but do not know how, or thinking they are strong they will get through this.

then you have some people like myself that want acceptance so they try to take whats dealt to them in stride. these people often wonder "whats wrong with me, or why dont people see my worth?"or we just give up and become hermits so to speak and stay off to our self not trying to make friends, or to be any part of a group.

you see i moved to where i am back in 2018, my reason i was living very close to my family they never called or came by to check up on me, it was always me calling or making "appointments" to go see them which usually fell through, i felt lonely and like no one around cared, i said many times i could be dead in my house for 2 weeks before anyone missed me, i stand by that. so i moved here to be buy this place and live the way i wanted to with my pets helping animals when i see a need for it. and i thought that living here would be a better option for me by not being judged for things i do, or looked at funny.

my other reason for moving here is when my time comes to leave this world i want to go in peace . although i do not think my time on this world is over i think i have a lot more time left.

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