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just random things

Posted: 10 months ago - Apr 22, 2023

back in february the original owner of the sugar gliders came and got them, i was fostering with the option to buy if she decided she didnt want them, thing was my personal two betty and wilma i got to bond with her 3, so i also let betty and wilma january i took in 2 green cheek conures, we thought they were a pair but turns out i think they are the same sex as they are picking each other, i was going to rehome them but i have decided against that as i can get on of the oppisite sex and start breeding themi have a cage here to seperate these 2 to stop the picking, just got to get perches......

also in february i decided to rehome my parrot mozzy as he was hormonaland rehomed him to a nice lady that had a female he seems much happier, so im glad, he was just getting to be to much with attacking me.

in the middles of february i brought in nancy an 8 year old female blue front amazon we have bonded and became best friends she is very sweet but does not like women we have that in common......LOL

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