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accepting thing as they are

Posted: 6 months ago - Aug 28, 2023

well it is time for the season to change and the depression is setting in.yes i take meds for it but they always dont help. i think about things and it just hits......little things seems to get to me, i have asked family for support and got ignored, back in may i considered going to a resthome but didnt meet the criteria to go which now i look back on it im glad. some terrible things happened over the summer which is part of what brought on the depression.when things happened the way they did 2 friends came to check on me, none of my family, as the depression was setting in i told my sister i was going into depression, that ended that convo, then that was 3 weeks ago i have not heard from her since i have texted and no other sister i mentioned to her we were trying an increase in my depression med, all i was told was not to depend on it i shouldnt be taking i have stated in other blogs i dont like to leave my house, this summer made the feelings even stronger.... i do go out from time to time but i would rather be home with my animals, the way i feel they are all i have that truly cares. yes i have sat here and thought if they werent here id dont know where id be, but i am truly happy i have them.that was why i was happy about the rest home id be lost without my animals......

i just dont understand how a person becomes so unimportant to people, no phone calls or even texts to see how i am, i text them, i know people are busy i get that , but 24 hours a day? it hurts when you find out your family went out of their way for a friend but wont even give you a simple "are you ok" text

i have learned alot on the past 3 weeks, im alone im in this world im by my self now i have to learn to be ok with it, because to be completely honest if i didnt have these animals id probably do something stupid

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